Jessica Clark [See Her Tonight on TRUE BLOOD]

Jessica Clark on True Blood

(9 pm EST, HBO)

It’s hard to keep track of all the hot-blooded babes of True Blood, and tonight’s episode is only Jessica Clark’s fourth appearance as the vampiric vixen Lilith. She still hasn’t wasted any time becoming a real name. It helps that she’s a lovely Indian/Nigerian model who’s also openly gay—and moonlights with her wife Lacey Stone running the “Lesbian Love” blog at She’s also a writer/producer, although her short film Bed. Head. wasn’t quite what we were hoping for. We have higher hopes for the upcoming feature A Perfect Ending, with Jessica as a high-priced hooker teaching a suburban MILF about letting loose with some lesbianism. And we’ll enjoy her on True Blood while we can, while you can start enjoying her right now…
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      1. Wanamaker smith says:

        She is Looking so sexy and Hot in the Picture .

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