Hope Solo Watering Her Lawn in the Nude and the Best TwitPics of Day 13 London 2012 [50 PHOTOS]

American’s are rejoicing after Thursday’s gold medal soccer victory by the USA Women’s National Team, although probably not as much as Hope Solo’s neighbors are on lawn watering day.  As the XXX Olympic Games begin to wind down, day 13 continued to bring plenty of rememberable TwitPic moments.  From Usain Bolt doing pushups on the track after owning the 200m final to some very scary synchronized swimming faces Thursday’s twitpics are nothing short of Olympic Gold.



    1. caleb says:

      would have loved for the us to lose the game vs. japan

    2. Is it just me or did these pics pretty much go down hill after Hope Solo watering the grass in the nude. BTW, now that the track girls are pretty much wearing swim suits, the overall picture quality has improved immensely.

    3. A. Azad says:


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