Take A Trip Down The Revamped Silk Road Website

I know that a bunch of Silk Road users are more than a little peeved by all the press that the online drug shop has been getting, but at this point, everyone who cares about it has learned about it by now. So suck it, I’m going to talk about it. Not only am I going to give you a heads-up on why the changes they’ve made are for the better, I’m going to give you step-by-step instruction guide on how to access the site.

For obvious reasons, the man behind the site (dubiously known as Dread Pirate Roberts) doesn’t want you or anyone else on the site to be found. For that reason, Silk Road requires you to connect to the website by using Tor (download here) and only Tor. Essentially, the private browser creates a series of networks that you connect through (similar to a VPN), making you as invisible as it gets in the online world.

Once you’ve succesfully downloaded Tor, a new browser window should open up (called TorBrowser). Now you need to connect to the site’s URL, something that we haven’t showed you yet. That’s because it’s really just a series of numbers and something that’s changed a few times in the past. At the moment, this is the current URL. Once you access the site (it’ll take a little longer than your normal non-drug-selling page), you’ll need to create a password, username, and PIN number. Taking a page from the DailyAnarchist’s advice, I would suggest creating a new username you’ve never used before.

After it goes through, you’ll be taken to Silk Road’s new web page. What’s new about it? Well for one thing they no longer sell guns. True, Silk Road proper stopped selling guns on it’s site a little while ago when they created The Armory but even that site has been removed. Probably a good idea considering how much gun violence has been attributed to buying ammunition online. If you’re “only”  selling drugs, you definitely don’t want to draw unneeded attention to yourself by selling firearms.

As far as looks go, Dead Pirate Robert has updated the page so that SR now only looks like something from the 20th century, not the 19th century. At the end of the day, though, who cares? They’re still selling what you’re looking for and as long as the seller “feedback” continues to function successfully, the site will work.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you’re going to want to pay for it. Since using your mom’s credit card probably isn’t a good idea here, you’ll head to Bitcoin to sign up for their “money.” The site that calls itself “P2P Digital Currency” is actually super easy to use and sign up for. I’m not sure exactly how you’d extract bitcoins for real money, but all you’re concerned with (as a buyer) is trading over your Bitcoins for drugs or whatever else you want to buy.

Now that you know how to use, access, and browse the site, I’ll let you go have fun. Remember, I’m not suggesting that you actually get anything off of the site, I’m simply showing you what it is and how to access it. Learning about the dark corners of the internet is always kind of fun.



    1. Starbright says:

      Is the silk road website down? I cannot connect to it via Tor and was curious if you knew of a working URL to get there?

      1. Jenny says:

        Hi I am wondering the same thing. I cannot access the site via Tor.

      2. Richard says:

        I'm glad your both having the same problem. It's now been a few days and I haven't had any success! I even uninstalled and reinstalled the Tor browser and can't access silkroad.

      3. ohnoes says:

        Same here |:

      4. awww says:

        SWIM accessed it two days ago, but it was down yesterday and today. Luckily, SWIM ordered two days ago, but he can't read any messages…

      5. nickerbocker says:

        ive been trying for two days and still no luck. All i keep getting is a page that says my connection keeps timing out, or problem loading page. Ive read this happens before, and ive tried every little trick on the net to speed up TOR but no success getting on SR. Any one out there got any suggestions?

      6. blackapple says:

        this fuckin sucks man i neeeeed to get o there!!!! and any suggestions on succesful ways on getting bitcoins?

      7. guest1115 says:

        same here..I've been trying for the past 2 days..between Nov10/2012 to Nov12/2012 and it's still not working.

      8. Anonymouse O_O says:

        Here is the working URL: http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/silkroad/home

        Now someone get me a membership please???

    2. brian says:

      as of 12:16 mountain time canada silk road wont let me go to login page says upstream proxy error last time on was thursday november 8 at 11:00pm have been trying to get on religiously but no dice anyone no whats up

    3. ... says:

      same here can't log in, hope it hasen't been taken down iv got 14 nd a half bitcoins on it man

      1. rhys says:

        how do you get bitcoins dude? for uk???

    4. Hopeful says:

      Thankfully I ordered and and got stuff quickly. The issue is this is twice in a weeks period it has gone down for 2 days. last time it finally loaded and said they were under maint. Now I am not getting that message. Normally when things like this happen it is because of a server issue but they don't even have a "Site under maint" page up. Lets hope nothing bad has happened because we know how important SR is.

    5. co$ner says:

      duudeee sr ant working. i was able to go on a few days ago thru tor but now it wont let me.

    6. A Guy says:

      they posted there down for maintenance if you take everything after onion on the webaddress off itll take you straight to the page

    7. Sydney H Thompson says:

      Yep, just maintenance. Keeping the MAN a few steps behind. Imagine all they had leading up to being close to cracking the code? Ha Ha Ha !! – Have patience. This time tomorrow, everything will be back to normal, except the noobs that whined about it on public forums like this. There will be a new address too. Those they trust will get it. This means no one under 30 ! ! !

      1. getfucked says:

        who the fuck are you guy? You obviously have no clue what your talking about. get bent!

      2. WOW says:

        You're a fool.

    8. anonymouse says:

      Here is the working URL: http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/silkroad/home

      Now someone get me a membership please???

    9. red says:

      Bitcoins are a bloody nightmare.

    10. starbright says:

      its back up and running, if you still cant create an account i have a few

      1. Guest says:

        i can not create an account. Starbright, you can help?

      2. lil_lemon says:

        it lets me right onto the 'create account' page then wont load the website any ideas??

      3. Bridgett says:

        still having trouble creating an account, if you could email me I'd greatly appreciate it :)

      4. r0adrunn3r says:

        says that maintnence wont allow new accounts to be made.. could you help me out?

      5. snoochdawg13 says:

        Yeah I can't create one due to maintenance. If you still have any spare accounts it would be greatly appreciated; my email is You're doing god's work, son.

      6. Michael says:

        trying to get in to SR, still can't find a way in, any way you could help?

    11. allthegoodnamesaretakenjim says:

      Don't worry Hopeful, nothing bad happened coz I'm logged in right now. Login screen a bit buggy, or perhaps it's my slow network. Right URL is http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/silkroad/home as above and nobody should have trouble starting a new account. If anyone is having trouble loading the page it's probably the high amount of users generated by recent media interest; don't give up just try again later. The bitcoins are the hard part. And PGP. And reputable sellers. That's pretty much it. There is no new address, at least not yet. Good luck with it.

    12. Kill'er says:

      people should stop posting this, they're all ruining Silk Road's anonymity… idiots

    13. mr dude says:


    14. Mike says:

      the website opens up to the login page but ive been trying to make an account for days now and it wont let me. anyone know why?

    15. mike says:

      after downloading tor… do i get to silkroad site,? been trying for days

    16. Annoymas says:

      Retards Don't ruen the best thing to happen on the fkin web stop posting ya shit.. Down low dickheads annoymus dnt seem 2 fkin annoymus with all you pricks posting up about it

    17. jearuiz01 says:

      This is crazy

    18. JoJo says:

      Silk Road is finished.

    19. mike says:

      is silkroad down now? I can't log on…

    20. Denji Hajime says:

      The voice of others in your head is referred to as "Voice in my mind" or "Voice in the head" Did you hear ?
      I am looking for information organization of Japanese darkness might have involved. It is an organization that are attacking all over the world using satellite technology, the Silent Audio technology.

      あなたの頭の中に"Voice in my mind" or "Voice in the head" と称されている他人の音声が聞こえませんか?
      日本人闇の組織が関与したかもしれない情報を探しています。衛星技術、Silent Audio技術を使って世界中を攻撃している組織です。

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