Anna Kournikova is Smokin’ in SModa [26 PHOTOS]

Anna Kournikova couldn’t be at the Olympics this year. She was too busy modeling some swimwear for Spain’s SModa magazine. We’re thinking she made the right call, too. Check out these pics of Anna filling out some beautiful bikinis in Miami, and try to think of anything better she could be doing with her time. Anna’s also making an important fashion statement here, as the tennis icon proves she’s holding on to her sex symbol status. It was just last year that we celebrated Anna’s 30th birthday with plenty of pics. Now it looks like we’ll have a lot more photos to enjoy as Anna keeps us throbbing into her thirties. We’re starting out here with the new SModa shots, but adding in a lot more of Anna doing beautiful things on the beach. If only she had been able to hold up this good on the tennis court…



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