“Sh*t Never Said During The Olympics” Is Right On Target [VIDEO]

Am I a sucker for Australian comedy? Probably. But anytime you start your video with the sarcastic assertion that “there’s too much dunking in women’s basketball,” I’m all ears. At the risk of getting a little deep, it’s kind of funny that halfway across the world they’re coming up with the same jokes and astute points that we’re thinking. I think the only thing they forgot to mention was men’s handball. That sh*t is a total mystery to me. I mean, did the United States just decide “Guys, we’re going to be too good at this sport. Let’s just let teams like Iceland win this one.” I firmly believe that my 8th grade rollerball team (that was what my school called the ‘sport’) would run train on guys like Ólafur Stefánsson who makes a reported $890,000 a year.



    1. Nick Cody says:

      Thanks heaps mate! Btw, I'm the guy with the red beard.

      Nick Cody @thenickcody

      1. nycbass says:


    2. Cabinderada says:

      I love the delivery on these bits. Caught maybe every third joke because of, you know, the whole "same culture separated by a language" thing but still hilarious!

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