[PHOTOS] Kessy / Ross Vs. May-Treanor / Walsh: All-American Beach Volleyball Gold Medal Showdown

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a first in women’s beach volleyball. With Jennifer Kessy and April Ross’s victory over the #1 seeded Brazil, the United States has got the gold medal in the bag. How can we be so certain? Because they’re playing the other USA team of Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings! We’re unsure of who’s going to be standing where on the podium at the end of the match, but all that matters is that the “Star Spangled Banner” is going to be playing. And that we get to see All-American hottie showdown. Preview below!

Jennifer Kessy and April Ross

Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings



    1. warren says:

      just kills me to hear of a situation where women cry out in horror and claim they have been horribly damanged to know that someone saw them dressing or undressing in a locker room at school, or a dressing room in a store, or even by someone peeking into their window at home and yet for the majority of this world, women have hit rock bottom as far as morals and modesty. To take the skimpiest pair of panties and bra you can imagine, paint them a different color than white, or add some polka dots on them and they run all over the place with no modesty at all. No wonder every few months I get yet another sex offender notice from the county, you women are feeding these pervs and just too damn stupid to realize it, or maybe you realize it and don't give a shit.

      1. Avandgilene says:

        But not all women wear the skimpy stuff, and yet they also get peeked at. Are the skimpy-clothing-wearing girls kind of asking for it? Maybe. But it still isn't right.

      2. Sportsplayer says:

        So you're saying teach women "don't get raped" instead of teaching men "don't rape"? Sex offenders are wrong so matter what they think an outfit is suggesting.

        Elementary my dear Watson

      3. JimS says:

        Have you posted the same comments regarding men's diving? Are the guys asking for it when they wear those skimpy swimsuits? Maybe the female athletes should all wear the burka, in your opinion? Or just stay home in the kitchen, avoiding any chance of public display? The idea that a swimsuit is an invitation to a "perv" is just plain stupid. I am utterly disgusted by the notion that if a man commits a sex crime, it is the woman's fault for tempting him. Grow up.

    2. mysticmoon says:

      How about they put some clothes on…isn't it kinda degrading that they show almost everything? I think it is obscene and don't like watching it because of their nudity! Whatever happened to the days when they wore shorts and Tshirts and had pride in the sport not their bodies? This is what they are teaching our children and grandchildren to look like. Is there a sense of being who you are and not what you look like? Come on America…put your clothes back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. skeeter's mon says:

        I whole heartly agree – Said the same thing last night to my husband. They may as well just put on underwear and go out there!!!

      2. Sportsplayer says:

        They are playing on the beach…where most people are wearing swimsuits, which is what they are wearing- so how that is offensive is beyond me. Secondly, they are playing an Olympic sport which means seconds count. You can't spend time with a floppy t-shirt and shorts getting in the way of your playing. Have you ever seen the uniforms for highschool volleyball? Spandex shorts, why- because it makes players faster.

        Get a clue

      3. @RightFolks says:

        If seconds count then why aren't the men playing Speedos?

      4. andy says:

        with underwear it too uncomfortable when the sand gets in…..but i would mind that either! :)

      5. 1Daddio22 says:

        Ya, I'm sure your husband agrees with you. At least to your face, all the while he's thinking, WOW, wish my wife looked like that.

      6. KISSALIVE75 says:

        You're obviously jealous of these woman. Nothing's degrading about wearing a bikini. No one's forcing you to watch it. You need to look up the definition of "nudity". It's because of people like you that the United States has the reputation of being too uptight about sex and nudity. Come back to reality. They are not wearing bikinis to teach your children or grandchildren or ANYBODY anything. It's what they wear when they play volleyball. Would you rather they teach them to be sheltered and ashamed of their bodies?? This World is motivated and run by sex and money, period. You may not like it. But, that's the reality of it. Now, go back to watching Barney & Friends or some other "Y" rated PBS show.

      7. rugman56 says:

        I wonder if she has ever been to a beach! Well I have on many trips and What they are wearing is much less revealing that the girls at the beach wears. If my wife asked me that question like she asked her husband I would have to agree and say what he did just to get her to shut her mouth so i could gawk! It's a fact of life. My suggestion like others have said, is if u dont like it dont watch it because apparantly millions do or the network would not be showing it. GO USA!!!

      8. ONELOVE says:

        Someone is on the Mitt Romney Band Wagon.. How about you grow up and stop bein upset that you have to wear a one piece bathing suit to the beach while these beautiful women dont have to =D.

      9. Khadisha says:

        What do you wear to the beach? A t-shirt and shorts? This isn't degrading, its appropriate attire.

      10. derek marlowe says:

        change the channel !!!

      11. ripperSavage says:

        Your fat

      12. trish says:

        im sorry but its a beach volleyball..!secondly it's the world not just America wear a bikini!!! i don't know w/c part of the world you live…!

      13. rugman56 says:

        true and when she said that girls used to wear shorts and tshirt that was not in beach volleyball, it was regular volleyball. And the indoor volleyball team still wears shorts and shirts. Guess she just wanted something to bitch about. must be hormones!

      14. kevin says:

        They interviewed the women participating in beach volleyball before the Olympics began. The American women said they would wear there bikinis even if it was colder than normal because it was comfortable for them. Its normal swimwear and it is what they spend hours everyday wearing while they practice and prepare for tournaments. Wearing shorts and t-shirts after practicing in your bikini would affect their game and would not be in the spirit of Olympic Competition. Get over yourself and change the channel if you are offended by what someone is wearing.

      15. urajass73 says:

        What are you talking about??? they have NOTHING to show off!!! nipples on ribs is not nudity!!

      16. Recycledsoul says:

        Prude!!! Unbelievable!!

      17. Steve says:

        As a former swimmer and polo player I would say they aren't "showing" anything but talent. I think what you don't like in others is what you do not accept about yourself…. go to the gym

      1. Gar says:

        These atheletes are the best. Jealous women post comments because they don't look as good as these atheletes. Suck it up and move on non-atheletes.

    3. andy says:

      i still think there over dressed

    4. Ramon Zarat says:

      Can't wait for the nude Olympic edition. Picture the man 110 meter hurdle! Balls flying all over the place.

      1. EddieB says:

        IIRC the original Olympics were done in the nude.

      2. rugman56 says:


      3. CCRider says:

        Used to be a funny joke about the Chinese hurdler named Wun Hung Lo.

      4. Erik says:

        you made my day, lol!!

      5. pec says:

        That was an idiotic and ignorant statement!

    5. Chwap says:

      They need to wear those bikinis in order to draw attention to their bodies to distract people's attention away from their faces. Just look at their faces. They are so ugly.

      1. 1Daddio22 says:

        What does their looks have to do with anything. They are fantastic players. Concentrate on that.

      2. olddirty says:

        The article said "All American Hottie Showdown". Yes they are amazing athletes; hotties, well that is questionable.
        I love volleyball players too. I think they are definitely the hottest athletes on average at most college campuses

      3. derek marlowe says:

        Lets see what you look like-I bet that you are something scary.

      4. Recycledsoul says:

        I'm sure you're gorgeous, probably a toad!

      5. rugman56 says:

        maybe the are not supermodels but they definately are not ugly. I wouldn't kick them out of bed for eating crackers, especially if my name was crackers.

    6. Hinrid says:

      Nice photoshop job on Misty. She hasn't been that skinny in oh, EVER!

    7. 1Daddio22 says:

      It's BEACH Volleyball. Don't know about you, but I wear a bathing suit to the beach, and so does my wife. Guess we're supposed to keep our heads covered and wear robes, otherwise someone might think we're perverts.

    8. 1Daddio22 says:

      It's BEACH Volleyball. Don't know about you, but I wear a bathing suit to the beach, and so does my wife. Guess we're supposed to keep our heads covered and wear robes, otherwise someone might think we're perverts.

    9. ERH says:

      Yes pull it up pull it down their ass is still hangin out! And boy howdy you should see the swim bottoms that water polo is sporting.their butt crack are hangin out and yes balls are swing! I am just not sure why we cant make better filling garments!

    10. Cammy says:

      Sex offenders are sex offenders because they warped individuals not because of the way women dress period. Blaming the women is ridiculous! I suppose you think people ask to be shot because they look a certain way or wear a certain thing or go somewhere which the shooter disapproves. Join the real world!

    11. John B. Bell says:

      I think some people are making a mountain out of a mole hill, when they criticize the bathing suits the Olympic Volley Ball players where. Guys, take a look at the swim trunks worn by the men, little more than jock straps. Before you start criticizing these athletes, try exerting yourself in the heat and sand under professional play and see if you don't try to take every comfort advantage you can get. Changes in athletic wear take place frequently, as those making athletic wear determine what changes give athletes the best chance of performing at their peak. Lighten up ! Those Beach Volley Ball players are very easy on the eyes.

    12. Matt Jones says:

      I think it's hot!! They look great and I'm sure it's comfortable or they wouldn't wear them.

    13. Hauntedeagle says:

      You are full crap. Obama wennies need to get a life you sound like he did before he became a multimillionaire! BOOOWhooo! Why does eveybody have money but meeeee! Sale your crap some where else. We are talking about Volleyball and tall beautiful women we love to watch!!

    14. The Olympic swim attire is entirely too revealing. The Olympics is held to the highest standards in judging and should therefore have contestents that are above reproach in their manners and dress. Professional looking swim attire is in order. BTW – "beach" volleyball should not even be an Olympic sport in my opinion.

      1. Tony says:

        Ummm… those swimsuits are custom made for each athlete, they cover all the right sports to reduce drag in the water, the swimming world banned those full body suits used in beijing. And beach volleyball should be a sport to stay in the olympics, get off your butt and try playing that sport in the sand, it's not easy at all. I bet you wouldn't survive 30 mins at your full intensity.

      2. JP STL says:

        You do realize that the original Olympics were in the nude.. A athletic body is a Art form for gods sakes, we have all seen it an we all have it . Deal with it or turn the channel.

      3. JP STL says:

        You do realize that the original Olympics were in the nude.. A athletic body is a Art form for gods sakes, we have all seen it an we all have it . Deal with it or turn the channel.

      4. Zennn says:

        You sound like someone thats mad and overweight!!!!!!! Hater

      5. Dusty says:

        Are you serious? The beach volleyball girls are AMAZING athletes. They work harder than i've seen most people work and it is not easy at ALL to cover an entire court of volleyball with just two people. Also have you ever tried to run on sand? It's probably one of the hardest things to do. Have you ever watched a match? You're kind of ignorant if you think that isnt a sport.

      6. Mamaha666 says:

        PRUDE!!! does your remote control not work?

      7. Debbie says:

        you lesbian

      8. RTL3 says:

        Change the channel !!!!!

    15. Recycledsoul says:

      Jann P; Why are you even on this site? Reading this article? Are you a recluse, never been to the beach? Do you watch the Olympics? Why? We should be celebrating two American teams in the Gold medal match. And BTW, I am glad you're opinion doesn't matter!

    16. Mamaha666 says:

      This is what the body is supposed to look like. A beautiful thing. A machine. Most people I see on a day to day basis are overweight , sloppy and lazy. Too much addiction to the couch and processed foods. I think its wrong to abuse your temple. Its even worse to judge God's art.

    17. SusanNYC says:

      These girls are so beautiful and dedicated…as a sixty-two year old woman, I am PROUD of them and thrilled to celebrate their combined gorgeousness and talent!!

    18. April says:

      Oh yeah like they should all wear beach burkas! The female form is just so obscene. Really are you that puritanical and ass backwards?! It's a human body people they come in all shapes and sizes get over it. And orginally the greeks did the olympics while nude so comparitively they are very modest.

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