104 Sexiest Female Olympians Who Posed Nude [PHOTOS]

Even if you’re not a fan of female sports, it’s impossible to deny that the 2012 London Olympics are an amazing opportunity to watch the most finely-tuned female bodies in the entire world. They’ve spent their entire lives training for the next few weeks’ competition and (even if they don’t win any medals) deserve at least some recognition for all the hard work they’ve put in. The nude Olympians you’ll see here stand as an example of what effort and determination can accomplish… Perfection.

Each of the women you’ll see below have chosen to show themselves in their most basic state by posing as nude olympians. Some have done it to set an example, some for pride, some even for money. What matters is that the end result is the same and I can guarantee that you’ll be in awe. To show you just how devoted to our craft we are, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to pull together the most comprehensive list ever assembled of female naked Olympians (past or present). From Hope Solo, Amanda Beard and Katrina Witt to Svetlana Khorkina, Leryn Franco and Rhonda Rousey… we’ve got them all. You can thank us later once you pick up your jaw.

Update: 2/7/2014 Check Out Naked Winter Olympians Here

Chad - OSUCOED Writer