COED Heads To Watch THE WATCH @ The Hollywood Premiere

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On Monday night, hundreds of people lined Hollywood Boulevard in an attempt to get a glimpse of their favorite celebrity. But these fans were not screaming Brad Pitt’s name. No. The celebs that these autograph-seekers were here to see included a chubby kid, a lanky giant, and an awkward Jew. It’s pretty cool that smart funny dudes like Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller can draw such a big crowd for the premiere of their incredibly raunchy new comedy, The Watch. The event was hosted at the infamous Grauman’s Chinese Theater. [lead image via SFGate]

Axe did a great job of hosting the premiere and after-party held across the street at the ultra-hip Roosevelt Hotel pool. The irony in AXE sponsoring the event is that this movie is dirty. Like really f*cking dirty. I think advertisements have been hiding just how R-rated The Watch is. So don’t be surprised when you walk out of the theater having seen a room-full of naked girls and having heard 14,000 different d*ck jokes.

The Watch has Ben Stiller starting his own Neighborhood Watch group in order to solve a deadly mystery. Then Aliens show up. Whatever. It doesn’t really matter. If you are seeing this movie it’s because you want to see four comedic powerhouses bounce off each other; the three leads mentioned as well as British, relative-newcomer, Richard Ayoade.

Ben Stiller plays it mostly straight as the good-boy leader of the group. Jonah Hill plays a militia-ready, want-to-be-cop. And Vince Vaughn plays…Vince Vaughn.  In fact Vince Vaughn is even more Vince Vaughn than usual.  If you have a fetish for Vince Vaughn screaming at people and talking incredibly fast, The Watch will now be your favorite movie.

The film was directed by, ex-SNL writer and Lonely Island member, Akiva Shaffer.  He brings along with him SNL veteran Will Forte who is hilarious and basically steals the movie (KFBR392 anybody?). Also look out for a hysterically creepy performance by Billy Crudup.

The night ended at Axe’s party, under iconic palm-trees at The Roosevelt.  Hollywood players were schmoozing; girls in barely-there clothing were on the prowl. the people who actually worked on the film were celebrating and I was there to drunkenly interrupt and congratulate them.

PS Seeing Jonah Hill hop into his limo with Edward Norton(!) in order to make the 15 second drive to the after-party got me thinking…How awesome would a comedy staring those two be? Hollywood, make it happen!

PPS Vince Vaughn wouldn’t take a photo with my girlfriend. F*ck that guy.