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50 Body Shots Babes For National Tequila Day!

Has any alcohol done more for America than tequila? We’re proud to embrace our naughty neighbor from the South as a great American tradition—and even prouder to do so on National Tequila Day! It’s a good drink to get to know, especially since too many folks have had bad nights with bad tequila. (Try sticking with bottles that say “100% agave” on the label.) And, of course, tequila is one sexy adult beverage. It’s a drink usually served with a command to lick/slam/suck. Specifically, that’s licking salt off your skin, slamming down a shot, and then sucking on a lime (or lemon) wedge. Something that intimate, of course, had to lead to the creation of body shots, where you lick the salt off someone else’s skin before taking a shot and sucking the lime (or lemon) from someone else’s mouth. That gets more fun the more that you do it. It’s even better when wild gals-next-door are indulging themselves—preferably with other wild gals-next-door. That’s a common occurrence, but guys don’t take it for granted. They pull out cameras and document these tequila-happy gals. Then we get to look at the pictures and toast those ladies with tequila! Today, we do that for National Tequila Day. We usually don’t need a reason…

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