44 Sexiest Australian Olympians 2012 [PHOTOS]

The competition is getting fierce as the Olympics start tomorrow with some soccer. Specifically, we mean the competition for which country has the most gold-medal babes.We’ve drooled over Germany, babbled over Britain, and ended up raving over Russia. Don’t forget how our shorts got saluting the American teams, either. Now it’s time to go Down Under–or that’s what we wish we were doing with the amazing ladies of Australia! We’re talking about field hockey femmes, swimming sirens, BMX babes, and tremendous triathletes that’ll get you trembling! There are plenty of more stunning competitors who cover just about every category. And we’re pretty sure that every one of them has an Australian accent! Get to know your Aussie gals with this awesome gallery, and watch for the country to do pretty well in London this week. We sure feel like we’re looking at winners!



    1. […] 44 of the sexiest Australian athletes of this year’s Olympics. (COED Magazine) […]

    2. Sassman smith says:

      These girls are Looking so sexy and Hot in the Picture.

    3. […] 44 of the sexiest Australian athletes of this year’s Olympics. (COED Magazine) […]

    4. […] to see these ladies of Argentina. We’ve already ogled the athletes of Germany, Britain, Australia, and Russia–plus, you know, those American gals. But there’s no way that we’re […]

    5. […] training to check out these babes and then move on to the women of Argentina, Germany, Britain, Australia, Russia, and the good ol’ USA. It’s a big beautiful world, so don’t wear yourself […]

    6. kenny says:

      Lauryn Mark guys. She is the obvious one you have missed;

    7. […] few gals who we can ogle alongside the ladies of Argentina, or the USA soccer team, or the sexiest Australian Olympians. Now check out these champions that’ll get you […]

    8. […] is the definition of a sport you couldn’t care less about three out of four years… Unless you’re Australian, in which case you should be following your synchronized swimming team all day, every day. […]

    9. Sync swimmers tops this. Well done ladies! Beauty, grace and the athletics to boot!

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