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Twitter’s Top 20 Choices For #RemoveOneLetterFilms

You know who had a good time at the movies this weekend? The people of Twitter Nation, who rallied around a pretty hot trending topic called #RemoveOneLetterFilms. The rules were as simple as that hashtag, of course. All you had to do was take a film title and remove one letter–for supposedly hilarious results, and this one actually worked. Maybe it didn’t seem so funny once you read multiple variation on iTanic, Finding Emo, and Fat & Furious. We still laughed at every variation on Dude, Here’s My Car. Then there were the truly inspired entries that revamped popular hits, cult movies, and current films. Check out our Top 20 favorite Remove One Letter Films–as culled from over the weekend–with the text cleared up a little bit, since we’re freed of limited character counts here at COED…

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