Jessica Redfield, RIP: Sports Journalist and Victim of Aurora Shooting

Jessica Ghawi was one of the many theater patrons murdered during last night’s senseless shooting during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises. She was also part of COED Media Group. Under her pen name of Jessica Redfield, she had been a regular contributor to You only have to check out some of her work there to appreciate her talent and innovative sense of humor. Jessica was a determined journalist who had also won over fans at the Denver Post–where sports columnist Adrian Dater has posted a fine column about her death.

She was a well-known hockey blogger in the Denver area, and you can find further tributes to Jessica at Mile High Hockey and Yahoo! Sports. Jessica was enough of a hockey gal that her last conversation was a Twitter exchange with an NHL writer for the Sporting News–who remembers Jessica today in an article for New York City’s Daily News. As you can see, Jessica had already made a major impression on her contemporaries while just beginning her professional career. Her death is a great loss in many ways, and our best thoughts are with her family and her many friends.



    1. A.T. says:

      This is the most important comment I've ever posted on this site.

      I wish I had known about her before. Upsetting it had to take tragedy for me to know.

      I don't know if Rupert Murdoch was the inspiration for this through his networks (or maybe The NFL Today way back in the day, certainly not ESPN), but I've seen an incredible number of wonderful women with poise and presence in the field of sports TV journalism in the past few years or so.

      Part of me senses she had bad luck right in her way (the Toronto incident, too), but she certainly made the most of her short time on Earth.

      I hope her loved ones get to see this message. My deepest sympathies go out to you.

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