25 Sexiest German Olympians 2012 [PHOTOS]

People are feeling pretty good about Germany’s chances in the upcoming 2012 Olympics. The veteran Olympics followers are saying the place should easily  land in the Top 10 competing countries, and the typical estimate is that Germany’s athletes will probably win around 25 medals. That doesn’t count our own special way of scoring their ladies, either. You’re about to see an amazing collection of good German gals who deserve to have plenty of medals pinned on them for their pursuit of sheer foxiness! We’ve got temptresses of Taekwondo, cute canoeists, some fine fencers, awesome all-around athletes, and swimmers that will make you swoon. We’re talking about a world-class caliber of Olympians worth ogling. Check out this gallery and see why both sports fans and girl-watchers are saying Germany is one tough country to beat…

J BryantCOED Writer
President / Executive Editor - COED Media Group. NYC via Austin, Texas.