10 Essential Summertime Products For The Geek In Heat

Summer is in full gear, meaning pool parties, beaches, barbecues. Since we all know that water and sand destroy every piece of technology ever made, some of our readers who prefer the dim light from a monitor to the bright sun might be a little hesitant to bring their gadgets outside. Don’t be. After taking a look at ourĀ essential “must haves” for the tech-geek in heat (ahem, summer), you’ll find that not only can the sun recharge your laptop, it can also help you attract girls IRL. Check out the coolest summer gizmos from Sony, Liquipel, Wall 360, and more below! [lead image via Shutterstock]



    1. Tony says:

      I have had my iPhone 4s treated for about 9 months now. I have come into contact with water two times, both resulting in Liquipel saving my phone. I do not have insurance on my phone, so in other words Liquipel has saved me 1800 dollars thus far, Thanks Liquipel!!!

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