Yes, This Awkward Bill Clinton Beej Moment Happened [47 PHOTOS]

It’s for reasons like this that Bill Clinton will be the coolest President ever. Barack Obama might have the media and Jay-Z on his side, but you’ll never catch Obama acting like it’s not a big deal for some woman to be hanging around his crotch. We try to avoid politics here on “Yes This Happened” but it’s impossible to ignore a picture like this. Why would you want to? OK, truth be told, this doesn’t look like it’s actually a photo of the First Couple–it’s probably a wax statue of the two of them. At least some young woman’s practicing for getting ahead in the world. To see more photos of enterprising Americans and WTF moments, check out today’s gallery below.



    1. DefinitelyNotMike says:

      Sorry to break it to you, but:

      1. nycbass says:

        All good, we actually mentioned that at the end. It's alright though, I know no one reads my text anyways

    2. Felcus says:

      Wouldn't be surprised to hear about Slick Willy sneaking in there though…

    3. […] Willy–and that guy hasn’t listened to punk rock for ages. It seems that neither Bill nor his wax figure can seem to stay off the pages of “Yes This Happened.” Make sure to check out the rest […]

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