20 Cool Volkswagen Camper Van Conversions [PHOTOS]

As far as cars go, the Volkwagen Camper Van has to be one of gearhead’s favorite vehicles to customize. Not only has it become one of the most iconic vehicles of the 20th century, they’re pretty easy to pimp out. For example, did you know that you can (with relative ease) switch out the original engine for a Porsche engine? I’m not sure how a stock van would handle increase in speed, but these VW Vans you’re about to see here are far from “stock.” From pool tables, to AT-AT’s these VW Camper Van owners have taken “Pimp My Van” to the next level. Check out the best of the best below.



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    3. Thomas says:

      We currently own a refurbished VW camper van. We did not convert it like these amazing and creative camper vans in the photos, but we refurbished it true to its original state – we bought original parts of VW from dealers around the world. The parts were expensive. We even bought a wooden dashboard for a couple of thousand of dollars. Before we spent more, one of the big authorized dealers of VW contacted us if they can share the costs of refurbishing in exchange for borrowing our van whenever they have VW car exhibitions. We gladly accepted. Now, our VW camper van has been showcased a number of times in these exhibitions.

    4. Kevin Hall says:

      I never expected the good old VW van to still be that versatile. Honestly, who knew that this classic van could still make for a good, fun trip?

    5. James Khan says:

      This is what happens when innovation runs wild. In fairness, many of those would make for a very unique camping trip. I doubt the Harley Camper can get very fast though.

    6. aunt edna says:

      hate it when people spamm

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