10 Great Players That Never Played The MLB All-Star Game

There have been many great players to take the baseball diamond over the years. Many of them have gotten the opportunity to play in the MLB All-Star Game–just like the one that’s happening tonight. But what about the great players who never made it into an All-Star Game? Some of them didn’t play due to circumstances outside their control. Others just weren’t able to string together one great year. They still had some amazing moments on the field–enough, in fact, to get them listed as the Top Ten Great Players to Never Play in the MLB All-Star Game. Check them all out, and take comfort in knowing how proud they must be to appear in a COED article…



    1. El Fitzo says:

      Uhhh, wait, if Cabrera played for the Expos in '03, how could have Rodriguez and Garciaparra beaten him out playing in the American League?

    2. Pgh Baseball Fan says:

      Homestead Grays, not Braves. :)

      1. LVinWC says:

        Right. And Josh Gibson was known as the "Black Babe Ruth," as that was the commonly accepted term at that time. "African-American?" Revisionist history in the name of political correctness.

    3. Daver says:

      What a stupid article – guys like Josh Gibson and Sadaharu Oh didn't play in an MLB All Star game BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT MLB PLAYERS! Were they supposed to say "you know, you don't play inour league, but please, come play in our all star game". If you're going to include Josh Gibson and Rube Foster, you might as well make this whole list Negro League (or is it African American League…) players, there are tons of them that were better than Maddox, Bengie Molina, Karros, and these other clowns.

      1. Really impressed! Everything is very open and very clear clarification of issues.

      2. kidsjewelry says:

        If you're proud of your strong arms and your nice chest, choose a halter-top in a bright color or pattern that lifts your breasts and calls attention up-top.

    4. Natidread says:

      Kirk Gibson hit a home run in the world series, but "never played in the fall classic." Who's writing this crap, a thirteen-year-old Russian girl?

    5. gas bag says:

      The backwards photo of Dick Allen is a riot — all the baseball pictures there are in the world, including photos of these "non All-Stars," and they put in a reverse photo of someone who was an All-Star. It fits with the content of the article, I guess…..

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