Sexy Brazilian Beach Bums! [PHOTOS]

The beachs of Brazil are hot–but what really raises the temperature there is the amazing Brazilian women. It’s the country that brought the world the Brazilian wax, and the South American locale has plenty of other things to offer in the way of hot babes. Just look at our extensive tribute to Gisele Bundchen. Sadly, we can’t tell you for sure if she has a Brazilian wax right now–but, oh mama, she is hot! Gisele, of course, is also a reminder that Brazilian gals are known for their beautiful backsides. Beach season is in full effect, so we’ve accumulated some of the sexiest Brazilian beach bums ever. Check ’em out in the gallery below…

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    3. Shagnasty says:

      This compilation hit bullseye maybe 2 or 3 times. The rest are just asses, some nice, some too flat to even be considered. But again, there are only MAYBE 2 or 3 real Brazilian booties on here.

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