Paulina Gretzky Continues to Heat Up Instagram [35 PHOTOS]

It’s not easy being the daughter of a hockey legend like Wayne Gretzky. You might think Paulina Gretzky has it easy as a rich young gal, but she has to work twice as hard to embarrass her father with wild Twitter pics–along with some other antics. People in Canada might get excited over a wayward hockey daughter, but Paulina wants to be a worldwide sensation. Her frustrated dad can’t slow her down, either. Paulina’s just released a new batch of hot pics via Instagram, probably figuring that her dad’s still scanning Twitter while waiting for her to do something wild. So congratulations to Paulina as she still keeps shaking up the internet. We’ve got the new pics here, and we’ve even added the older pics, as well. After all, it seems Paulina wants us to really know her…



    1. broad st bully says:

      you see that guy in the pic? yeah he's going to release nudes soon if she doesn't do it first. i guarantee it.

    2. crashdummy says:

      So what's so special about these photos..? All that money here legend pops has and she appears to be using some garbage phone to snap pictures..?

      Sensationalize much do we web site..?

    3. Bill Carson says:

      absolutely nothing special going on here… girls like her are a dime a dozen in LA… the only reason she's getting press is because of who her dad is… same nonsense as the kardashian no talent c*m dumpsters

      1. Christopher says:

        I absolutely agree. She loves the camera because she's just a spoiled little attention wh*re. She probably wouldn't even have a modeling contract if her last name was different. Other than her eyes, everything else is, as you put it, "a dime a dozen in LA".

      2. iceman says:

        she a young lady playing dress up.

    4. MistiC says:

      Dear sports writer: Just take ownership of your actions, you posted pictures of Paulina Gretsky, your audience did not solicit your opinion as to why she is seeking attention or that her father cannot control her. It makes you sound like a judgmental coward, hiding behind a redirect, when a repost is a repost. Just do your job, whatever it is, and if Dr. Phil wants your expert opinion as to how to parent daughter’s your viewers will let you know.

    5. Robski says:


    6. Dude Ranch Dressing says:

      Pretty good chance she has no skills or abilities beyond being an attractive blonde. So, why not let her leverage her assets?

    7. pokMMA says:

      You guys ALL watched the pic (all of them),and now your bitching abt it.And your putting her down…smh…
      Shes young girl,she will make some mistake.
      ^^^bully,that name fit you right!

    8. Sprmcandy says:

      Dirty Nasty Pig Bitch.

    9. bachbeet says:

      She's definitely hot! But if that is her boyfriend … well, she needs glasses.

    10. lynne says:

      Paulina, Do you really think you would get all the exposure if your name was Smith. So you repay your father by embarassing him. Show some respect !!!

    11. Loveya mad says:

      her name should be sexy sally humperton

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    12. Leppell says:

      Wow , talk about disrespecting the Great One. Fill bad for you Wayne. Your daughter need help.

    13. Elliot Isabella says:

      I just find it sad that Paulina Gretzky has to pull these kinds of shenanigans to gain any sort of attention in the press. Apparently being young, beautiful, and privileged isn't enough. Yes, she is still young and therefore allowed to do stupid things; but the way she behaves is absolutely disrespectful to her parents. And I truly believe she knows this, and yet she continues to act like this…

      I, myself, don't know what it's like to grow up wealthy and privileged (heck, even beautiful), like her, but if those are the kind of stunts I'd have to pull to gain any sort of infamy, then I guess I'm better off being an "Average Jane". At least I show respect to my parents and the way they raised me to be. I think what most of these "celebutantes" need is a kick in the butt and a real hard dose of what the reality is like for the common folk…

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