20 Most Beautiful Women On The 2012 USA Track and Field Team [PHOTOS]

The USA Track and Field Team is officially set for the London 2012 Olympic Games now that Jeneba Tarmoh has withdrawn from the scheduled race-off against Allyson Felix. Not only are ladies like Lolo Jones, Jennifer Suhr, and Rachel Yurkovich putting the world on notice that the US is the team to beat, they’re here to let you know that they’re going to look d*amned good standing on the winner’s podium.

Everyone knows who Lolo Jones is but I think that the real winners here are Rachel Yurkovich and Kara Patterson from the javelin. I would never in a million years have guessed that a pair of throwers would be the dark horses for “Most Beautiful.”

Kara Patterson (Javelin)

You’ll have to work hard to catch up with Kara, as she hods the American record in the javelin throw at a jarring 66.67 meters. That’s a big difference over her 53.93 meter distance at the 2008 Summer Olympics. She’s had a hard time getting past some qualifying rounds in the past, but Kara looks like she’s ready to become a champion in 2012.

Lolo Jones (1oo Meter Hurdles)

She shocked some fans with a rough showing at the 2008 Olympics, but Lolo is already a favorite to come back strong in 2012. She’s lately been getting more attention for her proud claim of being a virgin, but that’s okay. It’s not  like we could ever catch her anyway. Perhaps the most-hyped American Olympian heading into the games.

DeeDee Trotter (400 Meter Run)

A knee injury kept DeeDee from qualifying in the 2008 Olympics, but the eager gal–who placed 5th in the 2004 Olympics–has come back strong as a potential 2012 champion. This California gal has an all-natural bod to be proud of, and she’s very proud as the founder of the anti-steroid charity Test Me I’m Clean.

Emma Coburn (3000 Meter Steeplechase)

Emma became the envy of runners everywhere when she scored as the only American to make the steeple chase final in the 2011 IAAF World Athletics games. The 21-year-old has also held the current American junior record for the event since 2009. She’s also currently the fourth fastest American in history wit her 2012 steeple chase time of 9:25:28–so good luck catching her.

Amy Acuff (High Jump)

She’s posed for the covers of Maxim and FHM, but Amy Acuff is really excelling as an Olympics competitor at the age of 36. She landed her personal best record at the 2004 Games, but Amy keeps excelling as a competitor–holding the valued “A Standard” that automatically gives her entrance to the Olympic Trials. We say Amy isn’t nearly done competing as an athlete and as a model.

Janay DeLoach (Long Jump)

This well-rounded beauty combined track and basketball with a stint as a cheerleader back in her high-school days. Janay then jumped into the 2008 Summer Olympic Trials for the long jump competition. She would later win that category at the Birmingham Grand Prix, and now everybody’s expecting a memorable performance for 2012.

Rachel Yurkovich (Javelin)

This statuesque beauty has finished second in the USA Outdoor Championships for three years in a row. That’s good enough to have landed a World Championships berth, with Rachel also holding two consecutive women’s javelin titles at the NCAA Outdoor Championships. A lot of pros are excited to see how Rachel’s going to rallly for the 2012 Olympics.

Allyson Felix (100 Meter Run)

There isn’t much that Allyson won’t run you down over–with this fierce competior runing in the 200, 100, and 400 meter distances. This former gold medalist (for the 200 meter race in 2008) is also fiercely proud of having an all-natural bod, and is an activist against performance-enhancing drugs.

Kellie Wells (100 Meter Hurdles)

There’s no denying that Kellie is built like a champion. She’s also set to rule the 100 meter hurdles–and that’s after setting the third fastest time ever run by an American in the 60 meter hurdles.

Gwen Jorgensen (Triathlon)

Gwen’s a newcomer to the triathlon, having spent her college career mainly as a swimmer. She only began competing as a triathlete in 2010. Gwen’s a natural, though, and is coming to the Olympics as the USA Triathlon Rookie of the Year.

Jennifer Suhr (Pole Vault)

There’s no questioning who’s the gal to beat in the 2012 pole vaulting competition. Jennifer has set the three highest marks in world competition, and is coming up on her sixth year as the #1 ranked American pole vaulter. It was no surprise when Jennifer won this month’s Olympic trials. After all, they double as the US Championships.

Shannon Rowbury (1500 Meter Run)

It takes a special kind of endurance to grow up as a runner in San Francisco. Check out Shannon’s toned bod, though, and you’ll understand how this gal got the firepower to set school records while running track at Duke University. An injury put an end to her college career, but Shannon’s showing off that she’s pure Olympics material now.

Jenny Simpson (1500 Meter Run)

She represented the United States at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and we’ll bet there are still plenty of fans back there with Simpson Fever. This natural beauty holds the American record in the Steeplechase, and proved she isn’t slowing down with a surprise gold medal win in the 1500 meters during the 2011 World Championships in Athletics.

Sanya Richards-Ross (200 Meters)

This Jamaican-born beauty is the current 2012 World Indoor Champion over 400 meters, and now she’s off to compete in the 200 Meter run in London. She’s used to the podium, too, having won the gold in the 4×400 meters relay at the 2004 Games.

Kara Goucher (10,000 Meter)

She’s a veteran of the 2008 Olympics, and probably also the hottest MILF to be competing in this year’s Games. Kara beat her old personal best by a minute at last year’s Boston Marathon, and has kept up some hot times that make her one feared competito

Amanda Smock (Triple Jump)

Amanda was 26 years old when she failed to qualify for the 2012 Olympics. That’s when most gals would consider giving up the dream. Amanda had been concentrating on the triple-jump since her teens, though, and she qualified this year with an impressive 45 feet, 9 inches–while showing off an impressive bod.

Geena Gall (800 Meter Run)

It’s hard to find an athlete who’s racked up as many track achievements as Geena–and it’s even more amazing when you consider that she was also concentrating on basketball until her senior year of college. Geena’s only gotten more intense and more incredible. She even broker her own personal record in the 800 meter run at the 2012 Prefontaine Classic, coming in second at 1:59:28 minutes.

Alice Schmidt (800 Meter Run)

She may be a blonde beauty, but Alice Schmidt is also a dark horse in this year’s Olympics She qualified despite an 8th-place finish in the 1,500-meter final run. She still came impressively close to matching the winning time–and Alice is already insisting that she’s got what it takes to go on to the gold.

Shalane Flanagan (Marathon)

This stunning 30-year-old currently holds the American records for both the 300 meter indoors competition, plus the 5,000 meter indoor competition–and also the 10,000 meter race. Shalene is coming to London as a bronze medalist in the 2008 Olympics, but she only looks set for more success.

Chantae McMillan (Heptathlon)

There’s a very strong argument for saying that Chantae McMillan is one of the top three female athletes in the United States of America… That’s kind of the thing about the Heptathlon with all the different events. A 2011 graduate of Nebraskra, Chantae is hoping to bring the gold back to the Maize.



    1. […] that the US is the team to beat, they’re here to let you know that they’re goin… Click to read more Via: 20 Most Beautiful Women On The 2012 USA Track and Field Team [PHOTOS] (COEDMagazine – […]

    2. […] that the US is the team to beat, they’re here to let you know that they’re goin… Click to read more Via: 20 Most Beautiful Women On The 2012 USA Track and Field Team [PHOTOS] (COEDMagazine – […]

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    4. Shane says:

      Ned, you need to call your IT guys and have them install a spell checker on your computer. If you've already got one then its bustimicated.

    5. Sas says:

      A 2011 graduate of Nebraskra,

      1. Sas says:

        She even broker her own personal record in the 800

    6. Dizzle says:

      You need to check your facts. Allyson Felix wasn't the 2008 200m champion. That would be Veronica Campbell-Brown. Felix is still chasing her first Olympic individual gold.

    7. Son of Dolemite says:

      Dude — Brittany Borman, the winning US javelin thrower, is better looking than the other 2 javelin ladies. Look her up.

    8. Joe says:

      no gymnest made the list

      1. Notmyname says:

        That is because this is a track & field list

      2. Laura says:

        They are not part of the summer Olympics.

      3. mr p says:

        lol, really?

    9. anthony goodridge says:

      who made this list best lolo jones the rest of these chicks are not attractive forreal

    10. Meek says:

      I can see Amy Acuff left nipple in this photo…seriously this Olympics…that needs to be removed!

    11. Moe says:

      There ate a lot of black women that didn't make it on the list that should have been ahead of some of these. It's like they looked for all the white women they could, then threw a few popular black ones lol.

    12. oneworld says:

      Haven't you all heard of beauty is in the eye of the beholder?
      Keep your personal preferences to yourself, this is their list!

    13. Biskut says:

      Most kind of look more like men then females

    14. Raven says:

      I seriously don't know what the hell you all where looking at. Whomever picked this women really has issues, not only are most ugly, but they have not hottness whatsoever…..especially the black girls, I am not racist, but they are fugly…..

      1. niah says:

        yes u r racist

      2. nycbass says:

        It's promising to know that blind people have found ways to use the internet

      3. Robert says:

        You are a sad, sad piece of crap calling women not just ugly, but fugly!!! That is offensive and is a testament to your extreme racist and sexist ways. The women of our Track and Field Team are all beautiful no matter the race, religion, etc. So, if you think long about it you are the one who's fugly inside and out.

      4. tonyb says:

        "the black girls are fugly" and you're not a racist?

      5. ravensenemy says:

        "Especially the black girls"? Not only are you racist, which you have every right to be as an American, I just have a problem with your unbridled stupidity, sprinkled with a touch pure idiocy and topped off by an inate ability to be an a**hole just as the country ispulling together for the Olympics.

    15. JWH says:

      Would love to see your picture!

    16. I really hope to see more of these girls especially Amy Acuff during NBCs coverage of the Olympics, but unless they are swimmers or gymnasts I doubt that we'll be seeing them.

      1. jean says:

        @ Raven. Yes, you are racist. When you said.."especially the black girls".. you were unmistakenly racist, You're not fooling anyone. But it's okay. As long as those young ladies know they are attractive, it really doesn't matter what you think.

    17. Pat says:


      All of these women are BEAUTIFUL. Funny to read negative commentary from some posters who probably couldn't do anything but beat these ladies in a Dorito eating contest… If ANY of these ladies gave you the time of day, you'd probably wet yourselves.

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