200 Sexy Self-Shot iPhone Girls on the 5th Anniversary of the iPhone [PHOTOS]

June 29th is the day that the first iPhone (the device that changed the smartphone market) went on sale. Speaking of smartphones, you can be pretty sure that Steve Jobs didn’t anticipate the #FriskyFriday craze he helped to create when he started adding hi-res cameras on his iPhones. It’s insane to think that just five years ago, the world was without an iPhone. Take a look at one of our older self-shot/mirror photo galleries. Notice something a little weird?? They’re all taken with actual cameras!

Apple’s marketing is already pretty good but we would suggest taking a look at some of these girls as a viral marketing campaign. Sex+product=sales. That’s an absolute lay-up. Check out the hottest self-shot iPhone girls below.



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    2. perfectman says:

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    3. Wow! First as it was starting to get pretty repetitive and I was about to shut 'er down, things got really good and stayed really good for the rest of the bazillion pics. Keep up the nice work guys.

    4. Rosie Jones says:

      Great bunch of photos!

    5. Pussyjet says:

      JESUS – so many hot pictures, keep them coming

    6. Steve Taylor says:

      They would look amazing on here:

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