Yes, This Mini Yao Ming Big Bud Bowl Jam Happened [49 PHOTOS]

Even if you’re not a pot smoker, you can’t help but want this little Yao Ming in your life. Had this picture come out before he was drafted, I’m fairly certain the Portland Jailblazers would have traded up just to secure him. Just keep him around the rim and he’ll be sure to keep any freeloaders from stealing any rips. Yao Ming’s not exactly old enough to be called a ‘throwback’ but some of these photos of Saved By The Bell and Back to the Future definitely warrant that label. Check out some of the most random, WTF photos you’ll see all day. Behold, the power of “Yes This Happened!”



    1. […] know, Yao Ming’s kind of disappeared from our site ever since we featured the big guy slam dunking some weed… Guess we now know where he was. I heard that when Yao was in his prime, defenses would come […]

    2. ftrhrv sterp says:

      Thanks For Sharing ! Big Bud .

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