Jimi Hendrix Fires Ted Nugent–And 9 Other Legendary Rock Concerts!

The Flaming Lips have been busy for the past several hours trying to set a record for the Most Shows Played Within A Single Day. They’re doing a pretty good job. The band’s shows also include guest stars like Chris Pontius and Jackson Browne, which should help those concerts be pretty legendary. The only problem is that it’s tough to plan a legendary rock concert. Those kinds of things usually just happen. Sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst–and we’ve got all that covered in this look back at wild rock ‘n roll nights. Check out amazing shows from metal acts, punk bands, and classic rockers. Some of these evenings are obscure, some are infamous, and a few are unfairly forgotten. Check them out and appreciate how the Flaming Lips have gotten through this whole thing pretty easily…



    1. Alantoin says:

      I'm pretty sure Zappa was playing in Switzerland, not Canada.

    2. jrtaylornj says:

      Yikes! Now corrected, since you're obviously right–and an (obviously fictional) intern has been yelled at for screwing that up.

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