Naked Babes Covered in Sushi [PHOTOS]

Nyotaimori” is the Japanese tradition of eating sushi off a perfectly still, naked woman’s body. (Insert fish-taste joke here.) Often referred to as “body sushi,” this culinary trend involves women dressed in their birthday suits, covered with strategically-placed sushi rolls – for a tantalizing dining experience. (Is this really hygienic?) Of course, nyotaimori has made its way across the sea to such trendy spots in NY and LA. (Does the quality of woman change with the price of the sushi?)

Is it sexy or is it like eating food in a morgue? Want to learn more? Take a gander at a naked human sushi bar.



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    2. RicMac says:

      It has made its way across the sea but not only to United States. You can find body sushi even in such country as Poland: http://www.bodytables.com ("Body Tables" is the whole brand name, I guess).

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