Would She Hook Up With Any Of These Dudes [He Said/She Said]

Entering the mind of a female is a dangerous task filled with Carly Rae Jepsen, Appletinis, a bunch of other bullsh*t that you honestly don’t want to know about. That’s why we often use our paid lady-friends over at CollegeCandy to answer some questions for us. After a long debate today over what certain women found attractive about men, we had to pick their brain about various celebrities, cult-members, and homeless people. Check out some of the guys below that they would (or wouldn’t) sleep with and then adjust your wardrobe/life choices accordingly.




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    2. Julianne smith says:

      She is so More Interesting to take a Hooka everyday.

    3. jess says:

      Dude, this isn't even close to an attractive list. The list for guys is full of hot actresses. For girls you get much older guys, people I've never heard of and a eunch. Try again. Pretty, please?

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