Candice Swanepoel Shows Why She’s A Handbra Expert In British GQ [PHOTOS]

Is GQ intent on absolutely dominating the month of June? First it was those amazing Kate Upton photos/videos/GIFs in the American Edition and now it’s these Candice Swanepoel pictures in their British Edition. Speaking of the leggy blonde, why is it that Candice can’t stop showing off her handbra talents? In just recent memory I can think of her Colcci Jeans and her Lush Magazine shoots, both of which are incredible. Having said that, there’s something about her on a clean white background keeps me staring. Look for GQ to keep dropping more heat this summer but in the meantime check out Candice and her well-fitting handbra photos below.



    1. Wrench says:

      Not to mention one of the finest tailsections I'll ever lust after!The woman is just plain hot!

    2. […] me or does it feel like (with exception to her numerous Victoria’s Secret shoots) Candice is getting naked pretty much all the time. Not that we’re complaining or […]

    3. […] eyes peeled after seeing one of the more excellent Candice Swanepoel shoots ever. No, she’s not naked, she’s not topless, she’s not even rocking a handbra. She’s just gorgeous. And if […]

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