15 Of The Funniest Notes Left On Cars [PHOTOS]

There’s nothing worse than coming back to a car that’s been scratched. Or bumped. Or broken into. That’s why there’s a brief moment of hope when you see a little note that goes along with the damage. Maybe they left their insurance info or their telephone number. Those kind of notes, while nice, aren’t going to stir nearly the kind of emotion that these notes will. Even if you’re not the poor soul who had to ind these notes on their windshield, everyone can appreciate just how funny these are.

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    1. […] Because you should always leave a note, 15 Of The Funniest Notes Left On Cars. […]

    2. ddh1969 says:

      I might just be thrilled that SOMEONE is having sex in the backseat of my car ;)

    3. Thomas says:

      I find these notes hilarious. I also have a few stuck on the windshield. These car notes are also ways to ask a girl out. Once I had a pair of knee-high boots placed on the back seat. A guy probably have seen it and placed a note – “Seeing a pair of those boots will me wonder all day who is the sexy lady who owns this. Can we go out? Here is my number xxxx-xxxx”. He parts his message with a big kiss. Hilarious.

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