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Miss COED: Jaylynn Provenzano [19 PHOTOS]

Jaylynn Provenzano might be the first rapper we’ve featured as a Miss COED. When she’s not modeling, writing, or recording, you can catch Jaylynn on the beach or deep in meditation–a practice you’re more than welcome to try. If you close your eyes really tight and block everything else, you’ll almost be able to imagine that she’s right in front of you.

We owe photographer Jonah Gilmore a serious tip o’ the cap for sending us this angel who was featured in FHM back in 2010. Ladies (or guys), if you’re in Dallas and looking for a studio with a lot of buzz, check them out. If you’re more interested in seeing his work (including some great shots of Jaylynn), check out the photos below

Location:Los Angeles, CA | Height: 5’7″

For more of Jaylynn, check her out on: Facebook | Twitter | Official Website | ModelMayhem

Know a beautiful girl who could be a Miss COED? Submit her full name along with pics to


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