Kate Upton Continues To Dominate The Summer In Vogue Spain [23 PHOTOS + GIFS]

Kate Upton has officially taken the throne as the Queen of Summer and we’re only two days into the season. Truthfully, those GQ photos were enough to earn the rights to the crown–but then she felt it necessary to solidify her spot with these new photos from the upcoming July issue of Vogue Spain. True to Vogue‘s image, photographer Miguel Reveriego tried as hard as he could to make sure the results were “high fashion.” Kate’s body, however, had other plans for these one-piece swimsuits.

Early weather reports are saying that this summer could be a blistering one, and they haven’t even taken to account the Kate Upton Factor. God help us all. To check out her new Vogue Spain photos (and some gifs from the GQ video), just click the gallery below.



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    2. SecoCon Seco says:

      Ya know tha only thing missin in these photos with her is a nice big, swole black hunk!!!

    3. mulberry says:

      Maybe it's just me, but she's bearing some resemblance to the tanorexic mom.

    4. agnes says:

      this photo is photoshopped, totally look at the legs, ypou can see the arteficial lines

    5. #1 Cowboy Fan says:

      All I see in this totally awesome pic is nice stems, that you call photoshopped. This one could rival Farrah's famous poster! Where can I buy one? And she sure rocked the SI 2012 Swimsuit Issue – on the cover and the inside photo shoots. Kate Rules! Ego te amo!

    6. Robert says:

      I thought Kate was a white girl?
      She must have applied some of that Obama Stash Tanning Lotion.
      I just want to see her eat a hot dog like she devoured that hamburger!!!

    7. asdf says:

      Why isn't this woman in my bed.

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    8. Jacy says:

      She is way too dark. She looks fake.

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