LL Cool J Launches My Connect Studio

LL Cool J announced yesterday that he’s bringing the block party to your computer. The rapper (and star of Rollerball) announced the launch of his new virtual studio recording software, My Connect Studio. With this partnership between LL and Sony, the web-based software allows artists and musicians to record, edit and produce new music together; simultaneously in real-time from anywhere in the world. The Future Sounds Bundle combines the software with a VAIO E 14” laptop – which is wrapped together with Dolby surround sound and a pair of Sony DJ-style headphones.

“It’s the next level of music creation, If you connect with someone online, you can make music,” LL told the room. Currently, artist have to email tracks back-and-forth – which delays the creative process. My Connect Studio changes the whole game: “A kid in New York and a kid in L.A. can now go online and create music in real-time. This is something a lot of artist have been waiting for a long time.”

Think of My Connect Studio like the Facebook of music collaboration – a social network where musicians can meet and lay down tracks. As a teen growing up in Queens, there was a limited amount of ways for LL’s neighborhood to share music. “Back then, the closest thing you could get to this product was a block party,” LL said. “That was like the only way someone else was going to hear your music unless it was on the radio.” He added, “We’re bringing the block party to your computer.”

LL isn’t just a spokesman for My Connect Studio; he’s actually going to create his next album using the software. “Nothing beats going into the studio,” LL said. “Now you can go into two studios.”

The excited sea of reporters hung on LL’s every word. In case you’re wondering, this is what the reporters looked like as they furiously scribbled notes:

Though embracing technological developments, LL kept to his roots – and made it clear that the most important thing is maintaining hip-hop culture. The Sony My Connect Launch ended with the legendary (or god to some) Grandmaster Flash bringing the block party downstairs and spinning in the Sony store.  It seemed appropriate that one of the lead pioneers of hip-hop DJing, cutting, and mixing concluded an evening that marked the future direction of music collaboration. Welcome to the era of My Connect!

My Connect Studio is available for PCs and will soon be compatible for Macs and mobile devices.



    1. […] Veteran rapper/actor LL Cool J is on a mission to revolutionize music through the latest virtual studio software, My Connect Studio. The programs allows artists to experience a studio session in real time via the Internet, even if artists collaborating are in two different locations. As it stands right now, artists are emailing tracks to one another, not working on the simultaneously on the same project. “They’ll [producers] e-mail me the track,” he said. “I’m e-mailing vocals. They don’t like something, I’m sending it back. We’re going back and forth and doing this dance. A lot of music is being created that way right now. What I wanted to do is be able to create music in real-time.” Source:  Coed […]

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