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66 Sexiest Non-American Athletes to Look for at the London Olympic Games [PHOTOS]

You know what’s great about the upcoming 2012 London Olympics? The way that we can show off our admiration for athletes around the world–especially the amazing ladies of Russia, Brazil, Great Britain, and other foreign lands that speak the international language of built bods doing beautiful things. We’re all ready to cheer for our fellow Americans, but you’ll find yourself dreaming of faraway places once you see the fine forms of these fantastic foreign femmes. We have 66 exotic gals showing off their skills at sports like archery, hurdling, swimming, diving, and running. That’s running as in most likely running from their ugly countrymen while looking for the kind of swinging American male who works at a place like COED. Don’t call us delusional, either. Don’t you know that the Olympics are all about dreams? We heard that in a McDonald’s commercial.

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