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Dailymotion + PlayboyTV Present: Zombie Killers [VIDEO]

If you won the opportunity to direct a film, who would you want to star in it? If your first thoughts were PlayboyTV stars Dani Mathers, Chloe Miranda, and Alexandra Lyon you probably should have entered the Dailymotion’s Playboy Producer contest. As promised, winner Frank Gugliuzzi was able to make whatever genre of short film that he wanted. Considering his beautiful cast, we’re confident that this is the most glamorous B-Movie Zombie Flick ever filmed.

For four minutes of unabashed (and SFW) fun, be sure to check out the hottest action stars on the internet in the video below. If you like what you see, remember that you can always check out more on Dailymotion’s PlayboyTV page.
Girls & Guns 2 by DailymotionUSA

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