Top 5 Dead Rock Stars

Everyone has their personal favorite dead rock star. Live fast and die young. That’s the credo of rock stars (especially the really dead ones who did just that). Living the rock and roll life takes its toll. It involves constantly being on the road, late nights, parties, and groupies. Forget such heavyweights such as Elvis and John Lennon, let’s focus on the rock stars that truly lived the lifestyle. Here are my top picks:

1.Brian Jones

In the swinging 60’s, Brian Jones, one of the founding members of theRolling Stones, could be considered a bigger party madman than Keith Richards (and that’s quite an accomplishment) On 3 July 1969, Jones was discovered motionless at the bottom of his swimming pool at his home. The coroner’s report stated “Death by misadventure.” No one knows for sure. By coincidence this wasa mere 3 weeks after being fired from the Rolling Stones.

2.Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison of the Doors was the Lizard King who ate handfuls of acid like they were M&Ms. Within a course of a few years, he went from looking like a Greek god to an overweight, bearded mall security guard. Then he died in a bathtub in Paris.

3.Kurt Cobain

In the 90’s Cobain was king grunge who sat perched on a big plaid throne. Success made Cobain popular to the type of jocks that picked on him in high school. Unfortunatlya mixture of heroin, valium, guns and Courtney Love did him in, in the end.

4.Keith Moon

Moon was the ultimate, trash-your-hotel-room, drive-the-Rolls Royce-into-the-pool rock star.As the drummer for The Who, Moon would often strip naked in airports or walk around his neighborhood in a Nazi outfit. Living faster than the beat of his drum was too much for him.

5.Sid Vicious

Vicious was the epitome of punk. He couldn’t really play his instrument and he was fucked up on heroin all the time. Sid and Nancy was the classic rock-and-roll tragic love affair, as they spent their days holed up in NY’s Chelsea Hotel. Sid Vicious was the quintessential doomed junkie, who ODed while out on bail when he was charged for the murder of his better half.

harmonleonCOED Writer