The 7 Most Horrific Horse-Racing Accident Videos

If you thought that car wrecks get grisly, imagine what happens when the vehicle becomes a living 1000-pound animal capable of making decisions on its own. We’re talking about the kind of accidents hat make horse owners like Doug O’Neill shudder. That’s the one upside about pulling “I’ll Have Another” out of the Belmont Stakes. There’s no chance that anything like in the videos below is going to happen to him. Animal lovers beware, because these are pretty bad…

Wrong Way Head-On Horse Collision, Jockey Brain Damage

Chain Reaction Crash

What Happens When You Ride Wild Animals

Takes A Spill And Gets Right Back Up

Horse Falls and Gets Crushed

I Don’t Believe This Guy Survived (Wait For It…)

Jockey Falls Off Horse, Gets Dragged

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