Tammin Sursok [See Her Tonight on PRETTY LITTLE LIARS]

Tammin Sursok sees things on Pretty Little Liars

(8 pm EST, ABC Family)

It’s on the ABC Family Channel, but Pretty Little Liars is a very grown-up show. There’s been lots of sex and violence (along with some lesbian intrigue) in this tale of hot gals being tormented by a person who knows their secrets. Actually, the tormenting part got wrapped up last season. The equally-hot gal known as “A” was exposed and ended up in a mental hospital. That means new villains get to step up, including Tammin Sursok as the scheming Jenna. She spent the first two seasons being blind, but still managed to be beautiful and scary. Now we’re looking forward to Tammin really showing off her devilish talents. After all, we’ve always been big Tammin fans. And since her Pretty Little Liars character can see again, we’re pretty sure we’ve got a chance with her! For example, she can read the cute little notes that we send to her on Twitter. Or are we confusing reality with television again? There’s nothing really wrong with that, you know.

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