Darth Vader Robs Bank–Needs Cash for Tomorrow’s STAR WARS Party

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How do you plan on spending tomorrow’s 35th anniversary of the release of Star Wars? We know somebody who’s got money for a big blowout. A bank in Toledo, Ohio was robbed yesterday by a criminal in a Darth Vader mask. Then Darth rode off on a bicycle. Don’t be too hard on the intergalactic warlord, though. It’s been a tough 35 years since Darth Vader became a film icon. For one thing, George Lucas won’t quit screwing with him. Just check out the Star Wars Blu-Rays. How would you feel if somebody ruined your big redeeming moment by going back and dubbing in a cheesy “Nooo!” over the dialogue? If we were Darth Vader, we wouldn’t be robbing banks. We’d be hanging around George Lucas’ house with a baseball bat.