WTF Lobby Cards! 18 Strange Shots from 18 Weird Films

They don’t make them anymore, but lobby cards used to be all over movie theaters. They were like small movie posters featuring a single scene from a film. Now they’ve been pushed aside for things like massive cardboard promotional pieces. It’s a shame, too, because studios would often choose really strange images to try and sell a movie. Plenty of lobby cards left people scratching their heads–and they sure don’t make any more sense today. Check out the weirdness (plus a few familiar faces) that used to baffle audiences everywhere!



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    2. Jerry Clemens says:

      Your selection is lame beyond belief. I've seen over a hundred lobby cards Crazier and Weirder and Just-Plain-WTF?-dumb better than your choices. I mean – you have a problem with the 'Colosses of New York' card?! That's GOOD, and representative of the day (in the 1950s & 1960s).

      Get educated – you're running on fumes & lookin' bad. THESE cards don't come close to 'strange'…

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