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Lindsay Lohan [See Her Tonight on GLEE + 127 Pics Here!]

Lindsay Lohan on Glee

(8 pm EST, FOX)

The kids of Glee move up to the Nationals in tonight’s big finale, which includes worldwide sex symbol Lindsay Lohan. We can only hope that tonight’s guest judge (playing herself!) will be a good influence on the impressionable young high-school students on the show. We’re also hoping that she’s been a bad influence on the grown-up actresses who play the Glee gals. Is it too much to hope for a special Glee edition of Playboy in a few years? But then, an eternal starlet like Lindsay might really rejuvenate the ratings and keep the wholesome Glee cast out of Playboy forever. It’s like a dilemma wrapped in a conflict wrapped in a conundrum–so let’s just enjoy some pics of Lindsay unwrapping out of her clothes…

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