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Are You A Fan Of These “Sexy” Fads? [POLL]

A thin, intrinsic line often separates what is considered sexy and what is NOT sexy. What floats one person’s boat could sometimes send another person spewing up their lunch. Sexy is subjective – in the eyes of the beholder. This is where we need YOUR help. Maybe you–the COED reader – should decide. That’s right: We’re going to present several photos and we want you to vote on whether you think those appearing in the images are sexy or NOT sexy. Sound fun, right? Of course it does. Let’s go…


 An exposed midriff is enough to some certain people into fits of ecstasy. Question: Does it depend on the belly?


A major crack-edemic is sweeping our nation. Yes, exposed butt cracks has become the new cleavage. Let’s pit some butt crack mano-el-mano – and let your vote be heard!


Librarians are a sexual fetish – it’s an entire niche. Why is that? Is it because they’re repressed; waiting to let loose. Does the sexiness work with ALL librarians? Hmmm, I wonder?


Pierced tongues are associated with a fondness for oral sex. Sometimes that’s a little too much information…


Madonna has a gap between her front teeth. This attribute is one of the factors that makes Madonna sexy. Let’s put the Madonna gap theory to the test..

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