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Nuggets Stalker Lady Walks On-Court During Lakers Game [VIDEO]

You might have missed this little incident this past weekend, but Savanna McMillan-Christmas was arrested this past weekend for trespassing after she walked onto the court during the Nuggets-Lakers Game 5. She has been known to the Nuggets organization for previously stalking Kenyon Martin who left the team earlier this year to go to the Clippers. Sources tell Yahoo Sports that she was apparently yelling “Where is Kenyon?” to the Nuggets bench before walking on the court. K-Mart couldn’t be reached for comment, but we’re sure that he’s happy to have at least one fan.

Funny enough, Savanna McMillan-Christmas’ Facebook page is right here. I think it’s fair to say that this chick has done more than her fair share of drugs… That’s her smiling on the right. And that’s her smiling under a rainbow (below).

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