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Ridiculously Hot Russian MMA Ring Girls [69 PHOTOS]

Need a reason to get pummeled in Russia? Consider the beautiful babes who work the rings at that country’s Mixed Martial Arts tournaments. Who wouldn’t want to be picking up their teeth while ogling these randy Russki cuties? Some of these red-hot MMA mamas work the Ultimate Fighting Championship games in their mother country. Others are part of the unlicensed fighting that thrives in places where life is cheap, like Dimitrovgrad, Kachkanar, or Cleveland. We’ve already seen Russian ruffians like Fedor Emelianenko come to America for major mayhem. Now it’s time to leave the musclemen at home and start importing these ravishing Russian ring gals. Check out the action as these models hit you right between the eyes with their full-impact bodies. And a big hello to our readers in Cleveland, who all have a great sense of humor. [background image via]

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