69 Sexy #Thinspo Photos Instagram Does Not Want You to See

Can a gal ever be too thin? The folks at Instagram sure think so. The photo-sharing website recently declared that certain pics need to be banned for being “self-harming.” That’s a response to disturbing trends like “probulimia” and “proanorexia”–along with other thinspirational tags that encourage eating disorders. Sadly, Instagram might be throwing out the babes with the bulimics. We’re pretty much pro-food here at COED, but check out these banned images and figure out for yourself what’s sexy and what’s suicidal. Instagram won’t let you decide:



    1. […] and “proanorexia”–along with other thinspirational tags that encour… Click to read more Via: 69 Sexy #Thinspo Photos Instagram Does Not Want You to See (COED Magazine » […]

    2. […] and “proanorexia”–along with other thinspirational tags that encour… Click to read more Via: 69 Sexy #Thinspo Photos Instagram Does Not Want You to See (COED Magazine » […]

    3. gtrmanhfx says:

      As recently as 40 years ago very few people were overweight. Why? Because you had to actually use your body for more than something to hang clothes on and shove food into. That's where the fitness culture comes in. If you don't have a job that requires a lot of physical effort you make an analog of it by working out. All people need to do is get some good old fashioned aerobic exercise for 30 minutes a day (the kind where you sweat and breathe heavy), avoid bingeing on huge amounts of refined carbs, eat lean meats, eggs and nuts, a few fruits and veg and drink plenty of water. If you're fat after a year of that you've got a gland problem. Ladies don't starve yourselves, work the fuck out!

    4. […] • 69 sexy photos that you’ll only see on Instagram […]

    5. […] • 69 sexy photos that you’ll only see on Instagram […]

    6. […] at will those who operate effective facilities treat their patients with the goal of total recovery not incorporating ongoing Bulimia Treatment as part of their lifestyle. Everyone wants to look slimmer […]

    7. Stephanie says:

      I feel like the writer of this article didn't take the big picture into account. It's not about whether the girls are pretty, fit, sick, etc. It's about the hashtag associated with the photo. Instagram is trying to remove the tools of very sick girls— not trying to censor the women pictured. The same picture could be posted without these hashtags and it would be left up.

    8. big mac please says:

      I am seriously hoping that this was written as a joke, a sick joke, but still a joke. I was always under the impression that men wanted real girls with boobs, hips and a healthy appetite. These girls and not healthy and look awful! Since when did it become sexy to have a massive gap in between your legs or very distinctive hip bones! I am constantly surrounded by girls who are thinner than me that make me jealous and make me think I want a body like that but then looking at this gallery I realise that actually, I am a size 12 and I am proud of that. So to whom ever wrote this article, I would not touch anyone who want me to look like that! Now I am going to eat a burger, have fun trying to convince your stick thin girlfriend that shes not fat.

    9. kate says:

      This article is absolutely disgusting! Just because these girls are in sexy positions wearing not many clothes you want to keep them up, even though the pictures have been posted by the girls themsevles as #proanorexia and #thispiration. This is one of the worst instances of objectification I've ever read. And the question, can a girl ever be to thin, makes me want to cry. If you have to make other human beings feel they need to be emaciated to be attractive you must have real issues.

    10. Ugggh says:

      Sorry, boys, but surprisingly YOU don't get to decide what's sexy versus what's unhealthy. This isn't about what turns you on. Or about you at all. This is a straight up mental health issue that needs to be addressed. Our culture has done enough damage already to peoples' sense of self worth. Try not to add to it by encouraging anybody to strive for the unhealthy.

    11. Ugh. Men says:

      This is sick

    12. Johnny Sledge says:

      What are these women doing out of the kitchen?

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