Kent State “College Fest” Blockparty Transforms Into Teargassed Riot [35 PHOTOS]

This past weekend, the students at Kent State held an annual block party they call “College Fest.” While everyone was invited out to party, I don’t think that the revelers anticipated SWAT Members and tanks rolling down their streets. The two-day festivities got a little out of hand on Saturday, so police decided to intervene. Cue tear gas, riots, and 33 arrests. There were a few photojournalists on the scene, but a majority of the best photos taken were via Twitter.

In case your high-school teachers failed to impart American history to you properly, Kent State is notoriously famous for the shooting of numerous students during a Vietnam War protest. It’s nice to see that the police have since learned from their mistakes, despite being pelted with bricks and bottles by the students.



    1. […] This past weekend, the Ohio State block party known as “PalmerFest” was interrupted by the police, making it the second festival in as many weeks to be crashed. The reason that they showed up? A house began burning… apparently having nothing to do with the already-aflame couch sitting in the middle of the street. Fire Marshalls claim that someone broke into the house basement and set fire to the building from below. How were fire trucks supposed to get through the thousands of drunken revelers? Enter the SWAT Team (a la Kent State’s College Fest). […]

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