40 Business Cards That Aren’t All… Business [PHOTOS]

As many online resources try to explain, having a well-designed business card means that you will likely stand out from the mundane and normal. I think we can all agree that the examples you’ll see here all do well on their own. Some of the cards are serious, some of them are humorous — all are more than memorable. My personal favorite is probably the third one in the gallery, it’s a plastic business card that turns into a rubber band gun. At any time you feel that an interview or meeting isn’t going according plan, you can always whip it out make some demands (that’s what she said). Check out some of the most ingenious business cards ever printed below!



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    2. that plastic surgeon but know his way around silicon!

    3. Kat Richter says:

      These are fantastic! I love the ones with the bobby pins for the makeup artist. I just wrote a blog post about making your owns cards (albeit with limited supplies in a ski resort) and this site popped up as related material– so glad I found it! Thanks for posting :)

    4. Chris Berry says:

      Business cards I think are getting a bit out of hand now :/ They are more outrageous. I think they should keep business cards clean and simple.

    5. Printing Graphics says:

      No doubt, design and quality of business cards play a very important role in their success. I am myself a designer and once I designed a business card for my very close friend. It was really a great feeling that she loved that design and told me how some clients praised that design of business card.

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