Christina Moore on RULES OF ENGAGEMENT [See Her Tonight]

Christina Moore guests on Rules of Engagement

8:30 pm EST, CBS

Hang around after tonight’s The Big Bang Theory to get a bang out of Christina Moore on Rules of Engagement. She’s been around long enough to have made her TV debut on the original 90210, before returning as a magnificent MILF on the recent revival. The hot blonde has also kept busy in sitcoms as a gorgeous gal with sharp comic timing. Christina was the favorite sex-bomb for recurring roles on the late-night sketch comedy MAD TV, and landed in a hit series when she took over the role of scheming coed Laurie Forman on That ’70s Show. (She’s certainly doing better now than the gal she replaced.) Christina also got us caring when she showed up as Nurse Candy in the hospital drama Hawthorne. Then she finally scored some overdue buzz guesting on last year’s season of HBO’s True Blood. Christina won over plenty of new fans with a wild turn as a sensual socialite shapeshifter. We know that she always get things shifting with us.



    1. […] It’s hard to say if we watch True Blood for the old-fashioned horror elements or the contemporary modern parables. That’s mainly because we watch True Blood for the amazing parade of supernatural vixens who stalk the swamps of HBO’s hit series. Season 5 launched last night with even more amazing new ladies, including Valentina Cervi and Lucy Griffiths–plus a gorgeous guest star in Rachel Sterling! That’s one way to make sure we’ll stay tuned for another batch of story arcs. True Blood also impresses us with its mix of classic beauties and offbeat sex symbols. Let’s take a look at the blood-sucking babes who’ve fascinated us over the past four seasons. There’s also a shapeshifter, a drainer, and a bewitching Wiccan–and when you’re done here, check out our recent tributes to True Blood‘s Ashley Jones and Christina Moore! […]

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