I See Your Ghost Pepper Video And Raise You The Entire Scoville Scale

I thought that I had seen the spicy pepper video of the month yesterday when I caught a clip of some guy and his midget friend eating a ghost pepper. I was wrong. Remember “Black Guy,” the… um, black guy… who does all those challenges? Well he’s back from the Power Hour we featured a few months ago and returns to eat all the levels of the Scoville Scale. Starting from the measly bell pepper and going up to the grand daddy of them all: the ghost pepper. He’s sweating but somehow pulls it off like a baws. Feel free to subscriptiate to his videos here.



  1. ucanjustcallmeg says:

    It's like gum… ~horriblegum~

  2. thelibrarian says:

    vom-bomb. it makes my eyes and nose run just watching :X

  3. Sammalamadingdong says:

    Holy Shit!
    I can't watch without my butt hole puckering just a little bit!

  4. execsbroil says:

    This dude is destroying his insides

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