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Morgan Murphy [See Her Tonight]

Morgan Murphy gets sedate on 2 Broke Girls

8:30 pm EST, CBS

If you don’t like tonight’s episode of 2 Broke Girls, don’t blame Morgan Murphy. She didn’t write it. The striking redhead has penned a few episodes, though, in addition to writing for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Human Giant, and Jimmy Kimmel Live. Morgan’s a lot more casual about her acting career. Her guest turn tonight is pretty mellow, but Morgan has made a few memorable turns in some Late Night skits. She also regularly appears in the films of Bobcat Goldthwait. The actor/writer/comedian is enough of a Morgan fanatic to have written roles specifically for her. We’re still not seeing enough of Morgan–which is why we stalk her on Twitter–but lucky fans can catch her at comedy clubs, winning over the crowd with moments like her fond memories of sexting:

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