Vanessa Vander Pluym [See Her Tonight]

Vanessa Vander Pluym guests on Castle

10 pm EST, ABC

We’ve been vandalizing ourselves to Vanessa Vander Pluym since meeting her in a 2006 episode of How I Met Your Mother. Then she had our pupils popping with gorgeous guest roles on Numb3rs, Parks and Recreation, and Criminal Minds. Now we expect a tower in our pants as the blonde beauty shows up in tonight’s episode of Castle. Vanessa is no mere starlet, though. The physically-fit femme is an award-winning athlete on the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors. She even followed up her acting debut as a model on The King of Queens with stunt work in the 2006 remake of The Poseidon Adventure. (Check out her stunning stunt reel.) Vanessa is also a geek goddess whose flying form has been digitized for the video game adaptations of Spider-Man 2, The Punisher, and Aeon Flux. She’s too wild for the small screen, so tune in tonight before Vanessa busts out big.

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