RIP Miami Marlins’ Mermaids 2012 [88 PHOTOS]

While the MLB season started pretty silently in Japan on March 29th, everyone’s looking forward to celebrating “America’s Favorite Pasttime” back in America this coming Thursday. The game is going to feature the defending World Series Champions Cardinals against the Marlins, possibly the hottest team in the Majors. Not only has Miami stolen some serious talent for their team, but they’re also the new residents of a brand-new stadium (complete with ridiculous-dolphin-home-run-ferris-wheel and aquarium backstop). Sadly, the one thing the new stadium doesn’t have this year are the Miami Mermaids.

The Mermaids used to be the only official cheerleaders in MLB, but they’ve been replaced by the Miami Energy – a co-ed dance troupe. Cheerleaders in exchange for teenage breakdancers? Kind of a sad day for baseball, if you ask us.



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