Redband Trailer For Goon; Opens Tonight In Limited Release [VIDEO]

If you haven’t already seen it On Demand, and you’re thinking about going to see a movie tonight, grab a few beers tonight and go see Goon. We were lucky enough to have been shown the movie a few weeks ago, and we were really impressed with Sean William Scott’s performance. Stiffler has been replaced by a down on his luck bouncer, willing to pretty much do anything out of desperation. Luckily for him, it just so happens that he enjoys beating the teeth out of people. Even if you don’t like the sport of hockey (we’re not the biggest fans), you probably like the fights. Sean’s not the best player on the ice, but he certainly knows how to throw and take a punch (or a hundred). The movie comes out tonight in limited release, so check out the showtimes and theaters here.

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    2. […] you haven’t seen Goon, check out the red band trailer here. If that doesn’t sell you to drop everything and log into Netflix and watch it immediately, then […]

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